Terms of Service

1. Definitions

* The Company, or Company is Web 2 Mobile.
* The Buyer, or Buyer is the individual or company buying the goods or services from The Company.
* Anyone includes a company, corporation, association, firm, partnership or individual .
* Products and/or services mean the products and/or services being purchased by The Buyer from The Company.
* Price means the price of goods as agreed by between The Buyer and The Company.
* Contractor, or Agent refers to individuals or companies that undertake work on behalf of The Company.

2. Acceptance

Anyone wishing to enter into a purchase agreement with The Company may be bound by some of the terms in this document.

A Buyer after accepting a quotation via email will be bound by all terms in this document.

3. Goods and Services

All goods and services are provided in good faith based on current available technologies at the time of purchasing goods and services from The Company.

Future updates or continued work pertaining to The Buyers initial purchase, unless otherwise expressed in writing during the purchase process, will require a new quotation to be generated.

The Company will not be held responsible for errors caused by The Buyer and reserves the right to generate an invoice for hours worked for fixing any errors created by The Buyer.

4. Pricing

We offer both set rate and hourly rate pricing options depending on the Goods and Services purchased.

For all quotation pricing, if a change is made to the quotation, a change may also be needed to be made to price.

All listed prices unless otherwise stated are in New Zealand Dollars and are inclusive of GST.

For international purchases we do not charge GST and your final price is the listed price.

5. Payment

The Company may request a deposit before undertaking any purchase agreement at their discretion. You will be informed of this during the quotation process.

Any remaining balance owing must be paid within 7 days of the completed purchase.

Any monthly charges will begin once your purchase is completed.

We accept payment via Bank Transfer (NZ Only).

6. Cancellations

Any cancellations made prior to the work being carried will be refunded in full, less any transaction fees that were incurred during the payment process.

Any cancellations made after the work has begun may still incur charges for work already completed regardless of whether the full order was completed, or not. Additionally The Company reserves the right to sell any produced work for The Buyer to recoup any costs incurred during the build process.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any current work for reasons including but not limited to, change of mind, or, moral, legal or unfair reasons on both the part of The Company or The Buyer which may impact the quality of the final product. A fair refund will be negotiated in this situation.

7. Confidentiality

Sharing of any information relating to The Buyers purchase by the Buyer themselves or any other third party that may in anyway cause harm to our brand or allow our competitors insights into how we operate is prohibited and includes but is not limited to pricing, login information, private Links, private conversations and transferred files.