Why WordPress has become the website platform of choice for small business owners

WordPress initially began as a platform for bloggers and creative thinkers to write and share information with others via the word-wide web. However due to WordPress being a freely available website platform and the consideration taken to also allow developers direct access to improve or add certain features of their own. These days this once famous blogging platform has evolved to become one of the most widely used website building platforms in existence today. Whether it is a blog, a personal site, or a business website, there is already solutions in place for almost every online scenario and with developer communities growing in numbers extra features are often free as well.

Manage Your Website

When WordPress was first created, being able to easily insert, edit and update information was the primary goal for developers at that time. Writer’s didn’t want to have to learn complicated website coding just to post things they were passionate about on the internet, after all they were writers and not coders. From this single objective the CMS, or content management system for WordPress was created which offered writer’s the opportunity to write a blog or article using familiar word processing style forms, similar to what you would use on Microsoft Word for example and have this information displayed in certain areas just by ticking a category box. Since this time things have developed into a full management platform where you can add and edit every part of your website, change the look of your site and add powerful features with very little, to no coding experience whatsoever.

A new look at the click of a button

WordPress comes packed with a theme option where you can literally change the entire look of your website in only a few button clicks and with hundreds, if not thousands of themes to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone. Now although most people stick to what works from the outset if you’re ever looking for a new outlook on your website, changing the theme alone can often provide a new sense of motivation to really get your website moving. Very similar to that feeling of buying or upgrading to that new car you’ve always wanted.

Packed with features not hundreds of lines of code

As a developer myself I know how long it takes to write an application to do something even as simple as sending a message using a form to someones email address and how the slightest mistake, a comma or full-stop missing in a line of code for example can cause an entire feature to literally stop working. With WordPress however, adding forms and other features, like SEO (search engine optimization), social media, testimonial blocks, sliders, menus and much more more it’s as easy as dragging a plugin over to where you want it and editing a few settings without ever having to see or understand a single line of code.

It’s all done online

Editing all these themes and features on WordPress is a breeze and all done online so not only can anyone do it but it can de done from any computer that has internet access; you do not have to learn extensive HTML, CSS, PHP, or HTML or any of these other terms that just create confusion and you don’t have to wait till you get home to make any changes or additions. As mentioned above, like word processing software, the platform is extremely easy to learn, and even easier to work with. And, you can assign a new administrators to maintain and edit selected parts of your website for you.

Expose your website

And when you’re done building that new website. Sharing it is just as easy too. With the built in RSS feed, social media options and on-board commenting options you can easily share your hard-work with your visitors and communicate with them to create an all-round online experience. Also by being able to add new content easily, this also helps with your search engine rankings, as SEO looks for fresh content. So, your blog is more searchable, discover-able and reachable.

Admittedly these are only some features of WordPress. To find out more about how you can own your own WordPress website feel free to Contact Us today. We have plans and packages to suit all budgets